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tWiStEd RoSeS

A mind of rose-vine mazes

8 April
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Eh well, nuthin much to say about me. My freinds call me Jessie and really close friends (the ones down in VA) call me Jesterz (middle school nickname. But anywho. I play th bass and soon to play electric. Pretty multitalented, and loves to skateboard whenever I can find the time (and time is really hard to find when your as lazy as I) My journal explains a few out of toned things in my life and things that can't be fixed no matter what. Oh and Also I have a LJ community known as Unknown Paradise. A haven for the random, unwanted, and kinda weird people I know as my freinds. Fell free to join but keep in mind youMust post as much as possible. Oh and I will do a backround check on anyone who wants to join. Thank-you, buh bye.

Jessica is a radioactive squirrel!!


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